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By Nicola Hoogenboom & Annette Azuma
Numbers, 41, 2017, p. 1-3 (article).

Interview with Education Minister Nikki Kaye. Talks about her political career, her views on women in business and politics, challenges she has faced in her professional life, and current local and global political issues.

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By Linda Bonne
New Zealand principal, 32 (1) 2017, p. 17-18 (article).

Explores the impact of National Standards on New Zealand education. Looks at their effect on students, reporting to parents and whānau, using National Standards data to inform decision-making, and the role of the New Zealand Curriculum.

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By Ross Tanner, Peter Hughes & Graham Scott
Public sector 40 (1), 2017, p. 5-9 (article).

Reports on the progress of the Better Public Services (BPS) targets. Looks at what has been achieved in each area, and what still needs to be done.

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