Improving reading and reading engagement in the 21st century

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International research and innovation
Edited by Clarence Ng & Brendan Bartlett
Springer, 2017, 359 p.

Discusses how to improve reading education and reading performance among students. Looks at key research models and evidence in such areas as new literacies, critical reading, reading motivation, strategy instruction, and reading intervention. Chapters include: Engaging readers in the twenty-first century: what we know & need to know more, by Clarence Ng and Steve Graham. Advancing reading engagement & achievement through personal digital inquiry, critical literacy & skilful argumentation, by Julie Coiro. Key issues in research on students' critical reading & learning in the 21st century information society, by Ivar Braten & Jason L.G. Braasch. Image-language interaction in text comprehension: reading reality & national reading tests, by Len Unsworth. Reading the future: the contribution of literacy studies to debates on reading & reading engagement for primary-aged children, by Cathy Burnett. Engaging students in the 'Joy of Reading' programme in Finland, by Annette Ukkola & Riitta-Liisa Korekeamaki. Reading motivation & strategy use of Hong Kong students: the role of reading instruction in Chinese language classes, by Kit-ling Lau. 'Reading was like my nightmare but now it's my thing': a narrative of growth & change of an Australian indigenous student, by Gina Blackberry & Clarence Ng. Engaging children in reading activity through collaboration in a Japanese elementary school: an activity-theoretical case study, by Katsuhiro Yamazumi. The potential for better outcomes of looking at what our language tells us about what we do when we read, by Brendan Bartlett. Generating data, generating knowledge: professional identity & the Strathclyde Literacy Clinic, by Sue Ellis, Jane Thomson & Jenny Carey. Transforming literacy outcomes in high-poverty schools: an evidence-based approach, by Eithne Kennedy. A university-school partnership teacher-teaching-teacher intervention model to promote reading in Hong Kong: issues & challenges, by Barley Mak. Reading & writing connections: how writing can build better readers (& vice versa), by Steve Graham & Karen R. Harris.

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