Executive function in preschool-age children

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Integrating measurement, neurodevelopment, and translational research
Edited by James A. Griffin, Peggy McCardle & Lisa S. Freund
American Psychological Association, 2016, 362 p.

Investigates how executive function develops in early childhood. Outlines differing definitions of executive function and the mental processes it encompasses, such as working memory, inhibitory control, and cognitive flexibility. Looks at the role of executive function in assessing risk and resilience.

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Chapters include: Why improving & assessing executive functions early in life is critical, by Adele Diamond. Incorporating early development into the measurement of executive function: the need for a continuum of measures across development, by Stephanie M. Carlson, Susan Faja & Danielle M. Beck. Structure, measurement & development of preschool executive function, by Jennifer Mize Nelson et al. Longitudinal measurement of executive function in preschoolers, by Michael T. Willoughby & Clancy B. Blair. Conceptions of executive function & regulation: when & to what degree do they overlap? By Nancy Eisenberg & Qing Zhou. Infant cognitive abilities: potential building blocks of later executive functions, by Susan A. Rose, Judith F. Feldman & Jeffery J. Jankowski. Psychobiology of executive function in early development, by Martha Ann Bell & Kimberly Cuevas. Imaging executive functions in typically & atypically developed children, by Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus, Scott K. Holland & Lisa S. Freund. Development of selective sustained attention: the role of executive functions, by Anna Fisher & Heidi Kloos. Preschool executive functions in the context of family risk, by Megan M. McClelland, Leslie D. Leve & Katherine C. Pears. Socioeconomic status & the development of executive function: behavioral & neuroscience approaches, by Gwendolyn M Lawson et al. Assessing developmental trajectories of executive function in low-income, ethnic minority preschoolers: opportunities & challenges, by Margaret O'Brien Caughy et al. Promoting the development of executive functions through early education & prevention programs, by Karen L. Bierman & Marcela Torres. Conceptual clutter & measurement mayhem: proposals for cross-disciplinary integration in conceptualizing & measuring executive function, by Frederick J. Morrison & Jennie K. Grammer.