Early social-emotional development

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Your guide to promoting children's positive behavior
By Nicole Megan Edwards
Paul H. Brookes, 2018, 203 p.

Aims to equip early childhood educators and service providers with tools to support emerging social-emotional development and positive behaviour in the first five years of life. Provides an overview of social-emotional development, including how this development is intertwined with other areas of growth, environmental influences, and short- and long-term child outcomes. Discusses the Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework and the Pyramid Model. Presents guiding principles and research-based strategies for supporting children's success. Includes examples of how to foster healthy social-emotional development and adaptive behaviour in center- and home-based settings. Explains how teachers and service providers can overcome potential roadblocks to implementing PBIS, build and maintain positive relationships with families, and ensure good communication, consistency, and shared accountability across support networks.

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