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No fees! (Terms and conditions may apply)

By John Ross
Times higher education 2367, 2018, p. 30-36 (article).

Talks to critics and supporters of the New Zealand government's fees-free policy for university students. Looks at what impact the policy might have on universities' budgets and public finances, and its implications for students and employers.

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Lost in translation

By Alice Neville
Metro, July/August 2018, p. 46-50 (article).

Discusses the increasing interest in studying te reo Māori in New Zealand schools. Asks whether it should be made a core subject and talks about problems with teacher shortages.

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Look & learn

By Catherine Woulfe
Listener, 23 June 2018, p. 22-30 (article).

Highlights the lack of research and monitoring of early childhood education environments in New Zealand. Talks about current regulations for temperature, noise, and space.

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ICTs as an antidote to hardship and inequality: implications for New Zealand

By Catherine Cotter
Policy quarterly 14 (2), 2018, p. 80-87 (article).

Looks at how information and communications technology (such as smartphones and the internet) might be used by the government to create and provide new kinds of services for disadvantaged New Zealanders. Considers the impact of the digital divide and notes a lack of integration into social policy design and implementation, the absence of ongoing policy reviews and updates, and insufficient research.

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I, public servant

By Kathy Ombler
Public sector 41 (1), 2018, p. 5-8 (article).

Looks at challenges faced by New Zealand's public sector and its employees. Covers technological advances, generational disparities, demographic shifts, and major changes in the workplace. Considers whether the public sector is adequately prepared for the future.

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Have targets, testing, tables and Ofsted had their day?

By Will Hazell
Times educational supplement 5291, 2018, p. 10-21 (article).

Critiques the state of the accountability system faced by primary and secondary schools in the UK. Discusses problems in areas such as league tables, targets, performance measures, testing, school inspections, and the sanctions used when schools fail to meet standards.

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The curious incident of the boy in the headlines

By Jai Breitnauer
North & South, March 2018, p. 54-61 (article).

Critiques the provision of services for students with disabilities in New Zealand schools. Mentions the work of the Resource Teacher Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) service, resourcing and funding issues, and the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS). Talks to Education Minister Chris Hipkins and considers the role of the Ministry of Education. Reports on the inclusive approach adopted by Berhampore School in Wellington.

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Age of anxiety

By Catherine Woulfe
Listener, Feb. 3, 2018, p. 13-19 (article).

Discusses the rise in anxiety disorders among students in New Zealand primary and secondary schools. Looks at possible causes and outlines how parents might help.

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The kids will be alright

By Joanna Wane
North & south, Feb. 2018, p. 42-49 (article).

Profile of Bex Skerman, principal of Bridge Pā School. Looks at her work in transforming the low-decile Hawke's Bay school and connecting with whānau and the wider community.

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