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Learning curve

By Sally Blundell
Listener, 15-21 Sept. 2018, p. 18-24 (article).

Talks about the increase in diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder among New Zealand children. Looks at the impact autism can have on children's education and social interactions.

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Kahukura Community of Practice

By Trudy Heath et al.
New Zealand principal 33 (3), 2018, p. 10-13 (article).

A group of Christchurch principals talk about the formation of Kahukura, a community of practice that encourages professional collaboration. Outlines Kahukura's purpose and origin, its areas of focus, and its plans and outcomes.

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Quakes and aftershocks: organisational restructuring in the New Zealand state sector, 1960-2017

By Masashi Yui & Robert Gregory
Policy quarterly 14 (3), 2018, p. 25-32 (article).

Looks at structural change in New Zealand's state sector between 1960 and 2017. Speculates as to whether there could be links between the amount of organisational restructuring, unsatisfactory productivity rates in the state sector, and the embedding of a managerialist culture. Talks about the amount and types of restructuring, which organisations were restructured, which governments did the most restructuring, and whether it was driven by politicians or public servants.

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No fees! (Terms and conditions may apply)

By John Ross
Times higher education 2367, 2018, p. 30-36 (article).

Talks to critics and supporters of the New Zealand government's fees-free policy for university students. Looks at what impact the policy might have on universities' budgets and public finances, and its implications for students and employers.

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Free & frank: why it matters

By Carl Billington
Public sector 41 (2), 2018, p. 4-8 (article).

Looks at the convention of 'free and frank' advice in the New Zealand public sector. Outlines why it matters to Ministers and public servants and what it says about New Zealand's integrity and transparency.

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Lost in translation

By Alice Neville
Metro, July/August 2018, p. 46-50 (article).

Discusses the increasing interest in studying te reo Māori in New Zealand schools. Asks whether it should be made a core subject and talks about problems with teacher shortages.

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In our right mind

By Kate Evans
Listener, 28 July 2018, p. 12-19 (article).

Talks about what happens in the brain when people solve problems. Looks at increases and decreases in IQ scores between generations, and asks whether jobs are less cognitively demanding than they were 30 years ago. Debates whether problem solving can be taught effectively and outlines common biases in decision making. Describes how New Zealand students are learning to think creatively and confidently.

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Look & learn

By Catherine Woulfe
Listener, 23 June 2018, p. 22-30 (article).

Highlights the lack of research and monitoring of early childhood education environments in New Zealand. Talks about current regulations for temperature, noise, and space.

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(Re)Conceptualising inclusive education in New Zealand: listening to the hidden voices

By Ruth N. Gasson et al.
Disability and society 33 (4), 2018, p. 618-637 (article).

Explores the Intensive Wraparound Service from the perspective of students with severe and complex behaviour formerly enrolled in residential schools, their families, and the staff of their new schools. Highlights a need for more ongoing and holistic support for families.

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Building our resilience muscle

By Ruth Donde & Graham Hart
Employment today 219, 2018, p. 35-37 (article).

Presents strategies for leaders to use to help build resiliency in the workplace.

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