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Best schools in Auckland

Metro, July/Aug 2019, p. 58-86.

Presents a guide to the academic performance of high schools in Auckland. Includes tables listing 2017 achievement rates for each school.

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Digital data in New Zealand schools: policy reform and school leadership

By Louise Starkey & Elizabeth Eppel
Educational management administration & leadership 47 (4), 2019, p. 640-658.

Examines the influence that national policy has had on the use of data in New Zealand primary and secondary schools. Talks about power relations between schools and policymakers and associated challenges faced by school leaders. Reports on interviews conducted in 16 New Zealand schools that explored the types of data available in each school, how they are used and how principals, as leaders in these self-managing schools, would like to be able to use the data.

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Are we victims of a curriculum 'dictatorship'?

By Kate Parker
Times educational supplement 5345, 2019, p. 42-49.

Describes Finland's curriculum review process, which empowers teachers to regularly update their curriculum in order to keep pace with the new skills students need in a rapidly changing world. Compares and contrasts this process with the way England reviews its curriculum.

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Value, practice and proficiency: teachers' complex relationship with assessment for learning

By Christopher Charles Deneen, Gavin T.L. Brown et al.
Teaching and teacher education 80, 2019, p. 39-47.

Examines secondary teachers' school-based assessment for learning (AfL) practices. Comments on the tensions between external, formalised exam systems and AfL.

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Working towards an uncertain future: where is 'work' heading?

By Carl Billington et al.
Public sector 42 (1), 2019, p. 6-9.

Explores issues shaping the future of work and employment in New Zealand and looks at what this means for education and social services.

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Toitū te mātauranga: valuing culturally inclusive research in contemporary times

By Angus & Sonja Macfarlane
Psychology Aotearoa 10 (2), 2018, p. 71-76 (article).

Position paper about the importance of cultural competence and cultural safety in research conducted by, with, and for Māori in New Zealand.

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The fear of feedback

By Patrick S. Malone & Zina B. Sutch
TD Talent Development 73 (2), 2019, p. 30-35 (article).

Explains why employees get anxious about receiving feedback and how managers can overcome their fear of delivering it.

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Good education policy making: data-informed but values-driven

By Harry Brighouse et al.
Phi delta kappan 100 (4), 2018, p. 36-39.

Talks about factors that inform decisions in educational policy-making. Argues that policymakers should broaden their definitions of valued educational outcomes in order to promote a holistic concept of student success.

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A framework for wellbeing

Billington, Carl
Public Sector, 41 (4) 2018, p. 7-9.

Looks at how the public sector is planning for New Zealand's first 'Wellbeing Budget' in 2019. Considers what is meant by wellbeing and how it might be measured.

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Managing organizational conflict: towards a comprehensive framework of outcomes, practices, and competencies

By Alan Clardy
Performance improvement 57 (10), 2018, p. 10-25 (article).

Proposes a framework of eight goals for organisational conflict-management programmes and practices. Talks about early identification of conflicts, developing conflict-management competencies, implementing routine conflict-management processes, dealing with various causes and effects of conflict, and resolving problems of chronic conflict.

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