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Toitū te mātauranga: valuing culturally inclusive research in contemporary times

By Angus & Sonja Macfarlane
Psychology Aotearoa 10 (2), 2018, p. 71-76 (article).

Position paper about the importance of cultural competence and cultural safety in research conducted by, with, and for Māori in New Zealand.

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The fear of feedback

By Patrick S. Malone & Zina B. Sutch
TD Talent Development 73 (2), 2019, p. 30-35 (article).

Explains why employees get anxious about receiving feedback and how managers can overcome their fear of delivering it.

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The financial and educational outcomes of Bachelor degree non-completion

By Michael Luckman & Andrew Harvey
Journal of higher education policy and management 41 (1), 2019, p. 3-17 (article).

Examines the educational and financial outcomes of Australian students who start, but do not complete, Bachelor-level courses.

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Good education policy making: data-informed but values-driven

By Harry Brighouse et al.
Phi delta kappan 100 (4), 2018, p. 36-39.

Talks about factors that inform decisions in educational policy-making. Argues that policymakers should broaden their definitions of valued educational outcomes in order to promote a holistic concept of student success.

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A framework for wellbeing

Billington, Carl
Public Sector, 41 (4) 2018, p. 7-9.

Looks at how the public sector is planning for New Zealand's first 'Wellbeing Budget' in 2019. Considers what is meant by wellbeing and how it might be measured.

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Hunkering down

By John Ross
Times higher education 2384, 2018, p. 33-37 (article).

Looks at the impact of budgetary pressures and demographic changes on Japan's higher education sector. Talks about internationalisation, university administration and management, and how university staff support students.

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Comparing global judgments and specific judgments of teachers about students' knowledge: is the whole the sum of its parts?

By Karina Karst
Teaching and teacher education 76, 2018, p. 194-203 (article).

Investigates the nature of the relationship between teachers' global and specific judgements of students' knowledge and skills.

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How micro-credentials can ease the skills shortage

By Fiona Kingsford
Employment today 222, 2018, p. 46 (article).

Describes how micro-credentials, or nano degrees, are being introduced and used to tackle skills shortages in New Zealand.

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Critical thinking

By Antony Byrt
Metro, Jan/Feb 2019, p. 66-73 (article).

Talks about the University of Auckland's decision to close three specialist libraries in 2018. Reports on reactions critical of the decision, the role of the Vice-Chancellor, the fiscal and academic culture of the university, and the political environment that New Zealand's tertiary sector operates in.

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Validity and participation: implications for school comparison of Australia's National Assessment Program

By Greg Thompson, Lenore Adie & Val Klenoswki.
Journal of education policy 33 (6), 2018, p. 759-777 (article).

Asks whether using Australia's National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) for purposes of school comparison is a reasonable or valid use of the data. Argues that the comparisons of quality made available on the My School website have low validity.

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