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No fees! (Terms and conditions may apply)

By John Ross
Times higher education 2367, 2018, p. 30-36 (article).

Talks to critics and supporters of the New Zealand government's fees-free policy for university students. Looks at what impact the policy might have on universities' budgets and public finances, and its implications for students and employers.

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Framing international approaches to university-industry collaboration

By Mollie Dollinger et al.
Policy reviews in higher education 2 (1), 2018, p. 105-127 (article).

Analyses university-industry collaboration across three dimensions: environmental, technical, and managerial. Describes the approaches of seven countries to university-industry collaboration. Looks at Canada, France, Israel, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and the UK.

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Why is Martha doing better than Arthur?

By Ellie Bothwell
Times higher education 2356, 2018, p. 36-43 (article).

Highlights the growth in participation of women in higher education worldwide. Explores the causes of lower male participation and achievement and considers how the gender disparity might be addressed.

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Show us the money

By Belinda Parkes
In the black, May 2018, p. 52-55 (article).

Talks about the Australian government's freeze on funding for the country's public universities. Argues that tertiary institutions need to prove their relevance to their communities in order to secure more investment.

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In praise of assessment (done right)

By Kim Marshall
Phi delta kappan 99 (6), 2018, p. 54-59 (article).

Identifies ways teachers can use classroom tests and assessments to continuously improve teaching and learning and close the educational equity gap.

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Don't drown in data

By James Pembroke
Times educational supplement 5295, 2018, p. 34-39 (article).

Talks about the assessment data that is collected by teachers in schools in the UK. Presents tips about how to collect only the data that has a demonstrable impact on student outcomes.

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Free & frank: why it matters

By Carl Billington
Public sector 41 (2), 2018, p. 4-8 (article).

Looks at the convention of 'free and frank' advice in the New Zealand public sector. Outlines why it matters to Ministers and public servants and what it says about New Zealand's integrity and transparency.

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Lost in translation

By Alice Neville
Metro, July/August 2018, p. 46-50 (article).

Discusses the increasing interest in studying te reo Māori in New Zealand schools. Asks whether it should be made a core subject and talks about problems with teacher shortages.

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Decomposing ethnic differences in university academic achievement in New Zealand

By Zhaoyi Cao & Tim Maloney
Higher education 75 (4), 2018, p. 565-587 (article).

Analyses the academic performance of first year New Zealand university students from Māori, Pasifika, and Asian backgrounds. Examines differences in course completion rates and grades relative to their Pākehā counterparts.

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The robots are coming! The response of career professionals to the future of the graduate job

By Nalayini Thambar
Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling 40 (1), 2018, p. 54-61 (article).

Looks at how career guidance practitioners working in tertiary institutions might respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by the growth and complexity of new technologies.

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