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The migration of international graduates: intentions, outcomes, and implications

By Jenny McGill
Journal of studies in international education 22 (4), 2018, p. 334-352 (article).

Looks at the migration outcomes of international students studying in the US. Examines factors that contribute to their decision to remain or depart for other countries.

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Could Cinderella still go to the ball?

By John Ross
Times higher education 2361, 2018, p. 36-42 (article).

Discusses reforms, budget cuts, and falling student numbers experienced by Australia's vocational education and training (VET) sector during the last decade. Looks at the ramifications, particularly for public technical and further education (TAFE) colleges, and considers VET's relationship with universities.

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Walking towards the risk

By Rose Northcott
Public sector, 41 (3) 2018, p. 8-9 (article).

Interview with TEC's Chief Executive Tim Fowler about New Zealand's tertiary education system and his career.

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How micro-credentials can ease the skills shortage

By Fiona Kingsford
Employment today 222, 2018, p. 46 (article).

Describes how micro-credentials, or nano degrees, are being introduced and used to tackle skills shortages in New Zealand.

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Learning curve

By Sally Blundell
Listener, 15-21 Sept. 2018, p. 18-24 (article).

Talks about the increase in diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder among New Zealand children. Looks at the impact autism can have on children's education and social interactions.

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Kahukura Community of Practice

By Trudy Heath et al.
New Zealand principal 33 (3), 2018, p. 10-13 (article).

A group of Christchurch principals talk about the formation of Kahukura, a community of practice that encourages professional collaboration. Outlines Kahukura's purpose and origin, its areas of focus, and its plans and outcomes.

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Quakes and aftershocks: organisational restructuring in the New Zealand state sector, 1960-2017

By Masashi Yui & Robert Gregory
Policy quarterly 14 (3), 2018, p. 25-32 (article).

Looks at structural change in New Zealand's state sector between 1960 and 2017. Speculates as to whether there could be links between the amount of organisational restructuring, unsatisfactory productivity rates in the state sector, and the embedding of a managerialist culture. Talks about the amount and types of restructuring, which organisations were restructured, which governments did the most restructuring, and whether it was driven by politicians or public servants.

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Who upgrades to higher level qualifications in midlife?

By Andrew Jenkins
British journal of educational studies 66 (2), 2018, p. 243-266 (article).

Investigates why people return to study in their 30s and beyond and upgrade to higher level qualifications. Focuses on people in the UK who did not undertake higher education in their late teens or early 20s.

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Working it out: career guidance and employer engagement

By Pauline Musset & Lucia Mytna Kurekova
OECD, 2018, 91 p.

Looks at the features of effective career guidance services aimed at young people transitioning from school. Stresses the need for schools to start the process early, and the role of exposure to the world of work.

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Engines of prosperity?

By Rachael Pells
Times higher education 2359, 2018, p. 33-38 (article).

Asks whether universities are products or drivers of economic growth. Explores ways in which higher education and economic success interact in developed and developing nations.

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