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Public service legislation and public service reform

By Peter Hughes
Policy quarterly 15 (4), Nov 2019, p. 3-7.

The State Services Commissioner explains the design of the new Public Service Bill. He discusses its purpose and outlines how it will differ from the legislation it replaces, the State Sector Act 1988.

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Toward an indigenous, decolonizing school leadership: a literature review

By Muhammad A Khalifa et al.
Educational administration quarterly, 55 (4), p. 571-614.

Synthesises the literature on indigenous, decolonising educational leadership values and practices across national and international contexts that have been informed to various degrees by colonial models of schooling.

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When a colleague is grieving: how to provide the right kind of support

By Gianpiero Petriglieri & Sally Maitlis
Harvard business review, 97 (4), p. 116-123.

Provides guidance for managers on how to humanely help recently bereaved employees manage their leave and return to work productively.

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Student perceptions of their involvement in formative assessment feedback practices: 'I can do it myself!'

By Lee Hill & Frances Edwards
Assessment matters, 13, 2019, p. 6-43.

Describes how English teachers in a New Zealand high school developed their students' ability to generate and give feedback on essay writing. Looks at the students' role in the process and what they thought of it.

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The tensions associated with regional programme development within a neo-liberal environment for tertiary providers in Aotearoa New Zealand

By Debbie Preston & Tracey Carlyon
New Zealand journal of educational studies 54 (2), 2019, p. 315-325.

Identifies problems that affect the successful delivery of programmes by New Zealand institutes of technology and polytechnics in regions away from urban centres.

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High-stakes testing

By Irena Barker
Times educational supplement, 5370, 2019, p. 32-35.

Argues that the more assessments are linked to accountability, the less reliable they become.

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Decoding the new career landscape

By Julie Winkle Giulioni & Beverly Kaye
Talent development, 73 (5), 2019, p. 36-41.

Presents strategies for individuals and organisations to use to ensure ongoing, satisfying career growth for employees.

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Young & restless

By Jean Teng
Metro, July/Aug 2019, p. 74-78.

Looks at how New Zealand secondary students are embracing a range of causes relating to politics, the environment, feminism, and social justice.

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Beginner secondary teacher preparedness for inclusion

By Sophia Attwood, Jude MacArthur & Alison Kearney
International journal of inclusive education 23 (10), 2019, p. 1032-1048.

Investigates the role of initial teacher education in preparing beginner secondary teachers for including diverse groups of learners in New Zealand classrooms.

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There is no such thing as free higher education: a global perspective on the (many) realities of free systems

By Anne de Gayardon
Higher education policy 32 (3), 2019, p. 485-505.

Analyses the rationales behind the establishment and sustaining of free tuition higher education systems in different countries. Looks at countries that currently have free higher education and what is meant by ‘free’ in different contexts.

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